History of Endolia

King Evaard completed the migration from Ilias to Endolia that was begun by his father King Garrad. In roughly 850 PZ due to famine, disease, and the ruthless attacks of the Motecuma warriors, King Garrad began the mass exodus by ship to a land far to the North West. King Garrad did not survive long enough to see his people to the new land.

King Evaard gathered his strongest warriors, gave them rank and sent them forth to tame the land. These warriors were referred to as “Lions”. The Lions were granted rule over their own lands and were allowed to be independent of the capital. This resulted in a disorganized spread of city states across the land until the War of Dragonback Ridge with the orcs. The city states were too weak independently to fight them off so the original Kingdom reformed and the city states relinquished much of their independence to fight the orcs back. After the war a few city states reclaimed their independence, but most remained under the control of King Evaard.

King Evaard died in 930 leaving his kingdom to his 5 sons: Samil, Phias, Trevain, Kalis, and Angas.

Each son took charge of a different section of the kingdom and continued rule as they saw fit. Samil, being the first son remained in his father’s castle while the others had theirs built. Phias headed South and took domain over the wetlands and Southern port cities. Trevain headed North to the great fields South of Dragon’s Horn Ridge. Kalis passed Dragon’s Horn Ridge and began in the safest part of the known kingdom with plans to spread North during the warm summer months. Angas headed East and was prepared to fight to orcs for land.

As Kalis expanded he came into contact with the people of Tongjiang and negotiated a border with them. This began a bitter feud between Kalis and his brothers who were not stymied in their expansionist plans.

Angas had 34 good years of expansion before he came back into contact with the orcs. Confident in his abilities and the support behind him he began the Second Orc War. Unfortunately due to rivalries his brother’s failed to support him and he lost the war badly, dying on the battlefield. The orcs pushed back all the way to Dragonback Ridge and destroyed everything Angas had worked towards leaving almost no trace of his kingdom. The refugees of the war were another sticking point between the brothers. The brothers handling of war, the death of their youngest brother, and the handling of the aftermath created huge divisions between them and there has been little cooperation since.

The year at the start of play was 1013 PZ. It has been 39 years since the Second Orc War and two generations since the five kings. There is still varying animosity between the remaining kingdoms and their borders are becoming more and more contentious.

History of Endolia

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