Princess of Lions, Queen


Agility d8 Smarts d8 Spirit d6 Strength d8 Vigor d8
Pace 6 Parry 10 Toughness 10/8 Charisma +6

Fighting d12, Riding d12, Shooting d12, Swimming d6, Throwing d6, Healing d4, Notice d12, Streetwise d6, Survival d6, Knowledge (Politics) d8, Language (Tongjiang) d6, Intimidation d8, Persuasion d8, Climbing d6

Prodigy, Noble, Attractive, Very Attractive, Luck, Brawny, Ambidextrous, First Strike, Frenzy, Combat Reflexes, Two-Fisted, Improved Frenzy, Martial Arts.

Heroic (Major), Vengeful (Minor), and Enemy (Minor)

Armor/Weapons: Shortbow (12/24/48; 2d6 dmg, ROF 1, Cost: 250 weight: 3; min str d6), Quiver (20 arrows, cost: 25; weight: 2), Brigandine Corset (3, weight: 15, cost: 200; protects torso), Throwing Dagger (4) (3/6/12; Str+d4 dmg, ROF 1, cost: 25; weight: 4), Duel Sabers (2, d8 dmg, weight: 8; cost: 400; min), Leather Legs/Arms (1, weight:3/2 cost:17)
Total Weight: 37; Cost: 917 copper.

Gear: Torch (1; cost: 15; weight: 2), Flint and Steel (cost: 3, weight: 1), Whetstone (cost: 5, weight: 1), Soap (2, cost: 2 weight: 1), Winter Clothes, Fancy Clothes.
Total Weight: 5; Cost: 39 copper.

Overall Total Weight: 42
Money/Funds: 250 copper.
Carrying Capacity: 64

Starting +1 Strength, Luck, Attractive
Bonus Edges Bought with points: Prodigy, Noble, Ambidextrous (500 points). Brawny, Very Attractive (400 points).
5xp +1 Smarts
10xp First Strike
15xp +1 Strength
20xp Frenzy
25xp Combat Reflexes
30xp Two-Fisted
35xp +1 Vigor
40xp Improved Frenzy
45xp Martial Arts


Kahlan was raised by her grandfather, Duke Ryncale Whiteshield, and has been nicknamed “Princess of the Lions.” Kahlan is a kind and generous soul, remarkable for its resolution and devotion to the people of Endolia, but only the most ruthless of warlords have less pity for their enemies than does the Princess of Lions. Duke Ryncale was the last King of Dragon’s Maw; the city built high in the northernmost mountains. Being the first stronghold in the north is/was more efficient to deal with representative from Tongjiang by taking the title of King. The influence of Dragon’s Maw extended far and wide encompassing many villages. In 930 when Ryncale was still young Kalis objected to their using the title of King and a long protracted war of politics went on until after the Second Orc War. Ryncale sent a large force out of duty to King Evaard and the old regime. Kalis routed his force and declared it Ryncale’s first act of war. While this did not result in any actual combat, Ryncale’s army was not allowed to return to him for several years. Kalis blamed Ryncale for his own forces not making it to his brother in time. Ryncale still has a great deal of authority and respect in the Northeast region of Kalis and the Whiteshield name goes untarnished. However, in Tristain (the capital of Kalis) it is widely believed that Ryncale is to blame for the death of Angas, though in higher political circles the ruse was seen for what it was.

Despite having grown up in nobility, Kahlan is far from soft or arrogant. She believes men and woman who are born of rank are entitled only to the service of those they must protect. In regards to other aspects of her nobility she feel’s they’re mildly trivial, but appeases her peers by giving them the bare minimum of her effort. Kalis’ oldest Granson Markorn has been courting Kahlan since she was elven years old. Being fifteen years her senior she was initially disturbed by him, but now just sees him as the pompous ass that he is. While he does interject himself into her life when he finds it convenient, he is not actually her enemy (her hindrance). Her enemy is his youngest sister Dreusil who seems to hate her to the core for no reason that Kahlan can understand. When she was a teenager Ryncale invited her to the castle so Kahlan could spend time with children her own age. Dreusil only wanted to play dress up and talk about gossip, which Kahlan felt too old for at sixteen. Dreusil stopped visiting after only a couple times, but for some reason she has held onto her animosity for Kahlan all these years. Kahlan is adept at hiding her emotions and refuses to get dragged into any of Dreusil’s social battles. Her perspective on the matter hasn’t changed since they were little. Dreusil is a foolish girl whom she hopes nothing but the best for, but has no expectations of greatness.

Currently, Kahlan has been sent by her grandfather to find out what the current status is on destroying the alter relics, and aid Leetham’s adventurers in the remainder of their task. Kahlan is frequently sent on quests with very little information to much disdain, and Ryncale’s excuses for “using” her abilities are straining the potency of her trust.


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