Ian Ignatius Incantarus

Chaos Mage


Agility d6 Smarts d10 Spirit d6 Strength d6 Vigor d8
Pace 6 Parry 8 Toughness 5 Charisma +2

Notice d10, Thaumaturgy d10, Fighting d10, Knowledge (Wild Magic) d10, Throwing d10, Stealth d6, Climbing d6, Swimming d6, Persuasion d8, Survival d6, Riding d4, Knowledge (Arcane) d8

Arcane Background, Attractive, Wizard (Arcane Mentor), Power Points(2), Rapid Recharge

Clueless, Loyal, Clumsy

Gear: Staff (1 Parry d4+d6 dmg)

Starting +Smarts, Arcane Background, Attractive
5xp +Vigor
10xp Wizard
15xp Power Points
20xp Power Points
25xp Rapid Recharge
30xp +1 Strength (2xp Dec 5; 3xp Dec 12)

Skill Points
15 + 4 × 5
Total 35 Capped at d10

Starting Power Points 20 resulting in 30 recharging 1 point every 30 minutes.

2000px chaosphere.svg


Name: Chaos Bolt
Rank Required: Novice
Cost: 2
Range: 10 squares
Area of Effect: 1 Target
Duration: Instant
Description: A bolt of many-colored light leaps from your hand and screams toward an enemy’s head. The bolt deals 1d10 + Spirit die psychic damage. Veteran Rank: 2d10 + Spirit die psychic damage. Wild Mages Only: If you rolled an even number for the primary attack roll (skill die only, not Wild Die), make a secondary attack. Secondary Target: One creature within 5 squares of the target last hit by this power. Secondary Success: 1d6 psychic damage. If you rolled an even number for the secondary attack roll, repeat the secondary attack. You can attack a creature only once with a single use of this power.

Name: Spectral Claw
Rank Required: Novice
Cost: 2
Range: 10 + 4 per rank
Area of Effect: 1 Target
Duration: Instant
Description: A claw of force crushes your foe in its grip. 1d8 + Spirit die force damage, and the target is shaken until the end of your next turn. Wild Mage Only: If you rolled an even number on the attack roll, you slide the target a number of squares equal to your spirit die roll.

Name: Walking Bomb
Rank Required: Seasoned
Cost: 5
Range: 10 + 4 per rank
Area of Effect: 1 Target,
Duration: Instant
Description: The primary target takes 2d8 acid damage, you slide the primary target 3 + Agility die roll (6 + Agility roll with a raise). Make a secondary attack that is a medium burst template centered on the primary target.
Secondary Target: Each creature in medium burst template takes 2d10 acid damage, secondary targets may make an agility roll to take half damage. Primary target cannot make a save roll.


Mtg jace masterof secretsIan, was a devoted pupil under a mage who preferred to practice outside towers and guilds. They were registered of course, but they were both motivated to understanding the raw nature of the arcane fabric in the wild, rather than in a scholarly forum. An encounter with a somewhat particular cave and the mixture of two powerful items that didn’t desire to be combined ended up imbuing him with a unique connection to the element of Chaos. The early tests of this new ability obliterated his teacher, and caused havoc until he was able to understand at least a fraction of what he was wielding. Although he is still a walking time bomb, he believes if chaos is understood it can be of use to those in need.

(artwork by aleksi briclot and jason chan)

Ian Ignatius Incantarus

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