Champion of G'Nunk


Chandra grew up on the streets of Adinia. She was tall for her age and the smaller kids would come to her for protection from some of the tougher kids in the neighborhood. Chandra’s younger brother Astor was the first to rely on her protection. She kept him safe and away from the Thieve’s Guild eventually befriending a merchant named Jandin who began paying her to keep the other children away from his carts.

As she got older the boys gained a weight advantage over her and her fights became tougher to win. It was during one of these fights when a Battle Priest named Lihan happened upon her getting jumped by a couple of boys she had fought with before. As he motioned to intercede she told him to back off and proceeded to beat both boys unconscious. Lihan spoke to the merchant and offered her a deal. The merchant’s family would take care of her little brother and she would begin her training to become a Battle Priest. She could still see her brother and she would be able to protect him and others with the power and blessing of G’Nunk.

Long story short; she took the deal.


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